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Gary Baseman’s Imaginary Friends & Mega World

It’s showtime! Today is the Public Opening of Imaginary Friends at the Tauranga Art Gallery in New Zealand. For this exhibition, Gary Baseman has created and recreated many installations of his art and characters for everyone to experience. On Saturday, March 30 at 1:30p Baseman will give an artist talk followed…

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Gary Baseman exhibits in New Zealand for the first time!

Imaginary Friends opens March 30 at Tauranga Art Gallery in New Zealand. Featuring a collection of dynamic characters that represent aspects of the human condition, these imaginary friends manifest themselves in multiple ways, encouraging viewers to engage personally and experientially, connecting the character’s stories with their own. Artist talks and workshops…

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A Purr-fect Weekend at The Other Art Fair in London

Thank you to everyone who came out to support and experience the POWER OF PURR at The Other Art Fair (TOAF) in London. The Purr Room is a meditative sound bath art installation experiencing Blackie the Cat’s Triple Purr. Gary Baseman hopes to continue to travel the Purr Room, bringing…

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Self-Portrait as Blackie set of 3 prints SOLD OUT

Self-Portrait as Blackie set of 3 prints has SOLD OUT! Baseman portrays himself as his companion Blackie the Cat in this sweet and special drawing series made in 2018. A limited amount of all three images from the original print edition of 100, each measuring 5 x 7 inches, was…

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The Purr Room heads to London mid-March 2019

Gary Baseman shares the “power of purr” in his immersive installation The Purr Room at The Other Art Fair (TOAF) in London, March 14–17, 2019. Limited edition prints “The Power of Purr” and “The Sanctum of Purr,” plus original drawings and paintings, will be available for sale. As the Guest…

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Kazans – New Sofubi Toy Series

Produced by APPortfolio, Baseman’s new series features the Kazans, characters inspired by his visits to Japan. Baseman’s tale of the Kazans takes place on an ancient island near Hokkaido, where their history is layered and their heritage twisted. Collectively, they are unexpected heroes who carry special powers and fight for…

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Watch the Blackie the Cat Show on Instagram

Follow @garybaseman on Instagram to watch the musings of Blackie the Cat and his boy Gary. The two buddies chat about life, art and ideas, and current affairs. Blackie adopted Gary when he moved into his neighborhood a dozen years ago. The two have collaborated on multiple projects, including the…

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WildGirl Veronica finally released

From the Forest of ChouChou, WildGirl Veronica escapes the evil influence of the Demons. Smart and resilient, WildGirls survive chaos accompanied by ChouChou, the adorable creature that takes away negative energy and hate. Veronica completes the original limited edition toy figure series with Beverly and Naomi. Available now at

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