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COVID-19 PSA by Gary Baseman

When crisis happen, artists often do what they can to make circumstances better. Long motivated to engage in dialogue about art-making and visual culture, Gary Baseman’s practice transforms everyday observations and experiences into art in an effort to bring more awareness to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this moment, Baseman is…

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Gary and Blackie the Cat’s 14th Anniversary!

Did you catch this Instagram’s post? March 28th was the 14th anniversary and the date that commemorates the moment when Blackie the Cat adopted artist Gary Baseman. Ever since, Blackie the Cat has been Baseman’s inseparable companion and a continuous inspiration for Baseman’s most recent projects, including The Purr Room,…

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What to binge-watch!

If there was ever a time to binge-watch the Emmy and BAFTA award-winning ABC/Disney series “Teacher’s Pet”, it’s now. As the world continues to social distance and isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic, “Teacher’s Pet” will help you draw your mind away temporarily from coronavirus concerns and pass the time while…

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Looking back to Imaginary Friends

A year ago, on March 30th, Gary Baseman’s exhibition Imaginary Friends opened at the Tauranga Art Gallery in New Zealand. Imaginary Friends showcased Baseman’s drawings, paintings, photography, video, toys, and fashion, featuring his most well-known and cherished characters, some dating back to the beginning of his career, and some new…

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I Melt in Your Presence happened 13 years ago

Gary Baseman’s exhibition I Melt in Your Presence opened thirteen years ago at Modernism in San Francisco, California. Featuring more than two dozen paintings, this exhibition ran from March 15 to May 5, 2007. Baseman has created several series since this exhibition exploring themes of history, heritage, and human condition.…

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Walking through Walls Anniversary

Eight years ago,  Gary Baseman’s solo exhibition Walking through Walls opened at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City. “Walking through Walls personally allows me to bring together the objective truths of childhood with the subjective beliefs of adulthood, while facing the absolutes of mortality.” – Gary Baseman Created…

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Check out Gary’s Sketchbooks

Gary Baseman carries a sketchbook with him everywhere. Featured on and updated with new sections, this long-running visual diary showcases Baseman’s experiences of travel and culture, dining, global events, Blackie the Cat, spiritual traditions, and family. A fraction from the thousands of drawings in Gary’s 151 sketchbooks, the drawings…

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Get your Gary Baseman Collectibles

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your favorite Gary Baseman collectibles available now in our store! Produced for Gary Baseman’s museum retrospective “The Door is Always Open” these items by Darkhorse are available for sale and can be part of your home decor. Keep your notes, sketches and more in…

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Revisiting Gary Baseman’s ‘Teacher’s Pet’ at 16!

This past January 16th was the feature film Teacher’s Pet 16th anniversary! Josh Weiss, Forbes contributor brought back some memories in this article with remarks by its creator Gary Baseman. Check full article here.

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