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A Moment Ago, Everything was Beautiful

Remembering Gary Baseman’s A Moment Ago, Everything was Beautiful, his first museum installation that opened September 2005 at the Pasadena Museum of California Art. The centerpiece of the installation featured Baseman’s 7-foot tall Magi Spirits that represent our emotional memories, past feelings, and circumstances. For this exhibition, Baseman invited viewers to…

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Dumb Luck at Mendenhall Gallery, 20th Anniversary

“When opportunities open up, you have to take them or you try your best,” Gary Baseman has said when asked about the transition from commercial to fine art. So when his friends Mark Ryden and R. Kenton Nelson introduced him to the Mendenhall Gallery, the opportunity to have an exhibition…

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South Africa on Baseman’s mind

Gary Baseman recently returned from a trip to South Africa where he traveled to be part of Creativate at the National Arts Festival. And although he’s happy to be together again with Blackie the Cat, he has some amazing memories and images from the places he visited to share. Check…

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Creamy is melting. Are you?

It’s been hot this summer and we’re getting some Creamy vibes melting with excitement! Add the Gary Baseman inspired Ube flavor vinyl edition of Creamy to your collection and keep it cool at home. Visit our website here before they’re gone!  

Last Call to Experience Imaginary Friends!

This is the last week to see Imaginary Friends at Tauranga Art Gallery! In his first exhibition in Australasia, Imaginary Friends showcases dozens of dynamic characters created by Los Angeles-based artist Gary Baseman. This exhibition features Baseman’s drawings, paintings, photography, video, toys, and fashion. Demonstrating Baseman’s “pervasive art” that crosses media…

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Blackie the Cat in Hello Kitty Anniversary Show

Gary Baseman’s new painting Hello Blackie is featured in the 45th Anniversary Group Show celebrating Hello Kitty® and her influence on popular culture. Featured alongside 100 other artists who share their own aesthetic through a wide variety of mediums, Baseman depicts the iconic mouthless white cat hanging out with his own dynamic and chatty…

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Baseman Celebrates the Iconic Formosa Cafe

The Formosa Cafe has reopened its doors, and Gary Baseman was there to celebrate it! Check out this article published by Los Angeles Magazine, featuring Gary Baseman’s drawing in celebration of the opening party at this legendary Hollywood bar. Cheers to the Formosa and long live Hollywood!

Baseman at Creativate in South Africa July 2019

Audiences at Creativate at the National Arts Festival in South Africa will learn about the “Power of Purr” as illuminated by US-based multidisciplinary artist Gary Baseman. In reaction to what the artist sees as his homeland country’s widespread anxiety about a crumbling democracy and growth of divisiveness and racism, Baseman…

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EXCLUSIVE Purr Room Prints Available 6/18 (9am PT)

The powerful connection between human and beast is depicted by Baseman in these images originally made in conjunction with The Purr Room, a sound bath featuring Blackie the Cat’s meditative triple purr. Like the experiential installation shown in Los Angeles and London, the drawings encourage relaxation and calm, imbued with…

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