Walking through Walls Anniversary

Eight years ago,  Gary Baseman’s solo exhibition Walking through Walls opened at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York City.

Walking through Walls personally allows me to bring together the objective truths of childhood with the subjective beliefs of adulthood, while facing the absolutes of mortality.” – Gary Baseman

Created shortly after the death of the artist’s father, this exhibition reflects on the life of Ben Baseman who survived World War II by “walking through walls,” persisting in the face of grave danger to find food and work. Boo, the little ghost girl, made her debut in this exhibition, representing the barrier-defying character of Ben Baseman, and also that of the artist himself who has long blurred boundaries of art. Baseman delved into mixed media, combining enlarged silkscreen images from his vintage Halloween photographs with his own paintings. An installation featuring a crystal decanter of his father’s concoction of Kahlua and Cherry Wine was a reminder to live life life to its fullest.

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