The Door is Always Open Anniversary

The Door is Always Open’s reception was held seven years ago at the Skirball Cultural Center. It is one of the most representative exhibitions in Gary Baseman’s prolific career. Merging pop culture and fine art, this exhibition featured a body of work that explored the influence of Baseman’s Jewish family heritage in his oeuvre.

Initially working as a commercial illustrator, Baseman moved away from commercial endeavors to a more personal creative path. As an artist, Baseman reimagined himself by extending his creativity to museum and gallery settings. For The Door is Always Open, Baseman created scenarios and iconography that often mixes personal stories with a reality that only he can translate using a comic, decorative, and whimsical spirit.

A similar version of this exhibition traveled to MOCA Taipei beautifully documented in a catalog, exclusively available at our webstore.

You can also own a memory from The Door is Always Open with one of the commemorative products (mugs, notebooks, coasters and pint glasses) created in collaboration with DarkHorse.

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