Remember Baseman’s Collab with Frau Blau?

Garbs of Creamy Goodness was a collaboration between artist Gary Baseman and Tel Aviv duo Helena Blaunstein and Philip Blau, founders of the label Frau Blau. In 2011, in conjunction with the Design Museum in Holon, this exhibition featured clothing designed by Blaunstein and Blau that translated Baseman’s characters, including Toby, Venison, and the Butterfly girl, into fashionable garments with a humorous twist. Several items from this collaboration were exhibited 2013-2015 in The Door is Always Open in Los Angeles, Taipei, and Shanghai.

Baseman’s work is no stranger to the world of fashion as he’s collaborated with high-end fashion brands like COACH and urban and commercial firms like Dr. Martens, Nike, and Swatch.

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