COVID-19 PSA by Gary Baseman

When crisis happen, artists often do what they can to make circumstances better. Long motivated to engage in dialogue about art-making and visual culture, Gary Baseman’s practice transforms everyday observations and experiences into art in an effort to bring more awareness to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this moment, Baseman is now pulling from his illustration experience for editorial and advertising campaigns, sharing messages to keep safe and healthy.

Recruiting help from his friends Toby and Blackie the Cat, Baseman encourages his followers to adopt public health precautions and prevent the spread of the virus in a series of PSA’s that you can find on his Instagram account.

Some of his recent drawings have inspired other creatives to collaborate virtually with him, including the Instagram account  @Endangerhood who took one of Baseman’s drawings and added animation and dialogue to it. This piece called “Save lives, by chilling” gives voice to good ol’ Toby who talks to us about how we all can do our part to help by staying at home!

Now more than ever, it’s crucial to come together as a community and do whatever is possible as a society to avoid the spread of Coronavirus around the world. Please check out these PSA’s created by Baseman at home!




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