Baseman at Creativate in South Africa July 2019

Audiences at Creativate at the National Arts Festival in South Africa will learn about the “Power of Purr” as illuminated by US-based multidisciplinary artist Gary Baseman. In reaction to what the artist sees as his homeland country’s widespread anxiety about a crumbling democracy and growth of divisiveness and racism, Baseman gains inspiration and wisdom from his pet companion Blackie the Cat, a long-time muse that inspired iconic Baseman characters ChouChou and Ahwroo who both represent the need for love. Starting In 2018, The Purr Room presented in Los Angeles and London has shared Blackie’s meditative “triple purr” with thousands, encouraging all to pause, re/focus on goodness, and feel the healing power of purr.

From July 3-5, 2019, Baseman will offer brief presentations that address how he transforms daily observations into boundary-crossing art that includes drawing, painting, photography, video, installation art, performance, as well as fashion, toy design and social media. For more information on how to attend this event, please visit the website of the event here or follow Baseman on Instagram for more updates!

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