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Baseman in The Originals

On view at the Madé van Krimpen Gallery in Amsterdam, The Originals is an exhibition about the power of magazine cover art. Exhibiting three original works by Baseman, along with a curated selection of magazine covers, this exhibition will run until June 17, 2023. Check out to learn and see more.  

VeVe airdrops secret rare Golden Toby 

Thanks to all who supported Toby’s first adventure into the digital world! Secret Rare Golden Toby airdropped this week to VeVe collectors who own the entire Toby Series 1. Golden Toby is the quintessential best friend whose heart isn’t just always in the right place but of course is solid…

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Connecting with Memento Moa

In Memento Moa, an exhibition of all new work at the Suter Art Gallery (through June 11, 2023), Gary Baseman creates a mythical land of hybrid creatures – exploring themes of migration, memory, and mortality. In this series, Baseman mixes childhood memory with elements of popular culture (television, film, animation,…

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A History of the Forget-Me-Not Locket

Do you know about the Victorian mourning customs that have inspired Gary Baseman’s work in his new exhibition Memento Moa? During the 1800’s the reign of Queen Victoria influenced many aspects of daily life, not only in England and its broad-reaching commonwealth, but in America as well. This influence included…

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The Door is Always Open 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago (April 25, 2013), Gary Baseman’s career retrospective The Door is Always Open debuted at the Skirball Cultural Center and Museum. Featuring hundreds of items, including original paintings, drawings, editorial and advertising illustrations, toys, and costumes, this exhibition showcased Baseman’s career that since the 1980s has spanned many…

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Happy Spring! Baseman’s cover for NYT for Kids

Did you get your copy of The New York Times this past Sunday, March 26? Gary Baseman’s spring bunny was featured on the cover of the most recent Kids sections for The New York Times. A seasonal offering by the world’s best-known newspaper with the Editor’s Note: “This section should…

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VeVe drops Memento Moa collectibles March 24, 2023

VeVe, the largest mobile-first digital collectibles platform, announced that it has joined forces once again with renowned artist Gary Baseman. Memento Moa is a new series of original art by Gary Baseman for his recent exhibition in New Zealand that explores themes of migration, memory, and mortality. This premium digital…

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Memento Moa opens March 18, 2023

Gary Baseman returns to New Zealand with a new exhibition at the Suter Art Gallery, featuring dozens of new drawings and paintings and an installation featuring Manny Moa. Exploring themes of migration, memory and mortality, and playing off the phrase “memento mori” which expresses the inevitability of death, Baseman reimagines…

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Baseman apparel at Target available now!

Always in style, the mischievous and playful Hotchachacha has been spotted at Target!  Catch yours quickly. Only a few sizes left! Available online here. For store availability visit

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