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Coach’s Rodeo Gala

The hard work is over for Coach, and Dec. 11 was the time to party. First, a bit about the work. The venerable design house unveiled the remodel of its flagship store at 327 N. Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills. The 3,909 square foot space will be Coach’s “next generation retail…

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There’s Something Eerie About the Start of Spring 2015

By Eric Wilson, InStyle’s Fashion News Director. Ahhh, New York City, sunny and 80-something degrees, the streets of far west Chelsea clogged with sveltely women in searingly bright dresses, being careful to hold whatever cheap-o plastic shopping bag or scrap of paper they might be holding behind their backs anytime…

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The Door is Always Open Video

Here is a short video to get the flavor of The Door is Always Open museum exhibition at MOCA Taipei. Don’t miss it! 台北當代藝術館 MOCA Taipei June 27th – August 24th

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